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Appliance/Tool Test
Motor Test
Solenoid Test
Stator/Field Test
Armature Test
                 A7 Armature Tester 
• Touch Screen Interface
• Windowsฎ 7
• Lowest Board Count in the  Industry
• High Reliability with Proven Design
• All Proprietary Boards are Second Sourced 
• USB Interface – No I/O boards in C
• Remote Control Software for Factory Diagnostics/Updates
• Full Network Compatibility
• Integral Statistical Reporting
Test Data May be Stored in Multiple Formats
• Two Year Warranty on Electronics
• Double Insulation Hi Pot Test
• DC Hi Pot and/or Insulation Resistance
• Infrared Temperature Compensation for Resistance
• Reject Label Printer
• Automatic In-Line Interface
  Standard Tests
  Hi Pot
• 0 -5000 VAC, 0-10 mA
• Ramp Function, Arc Detection
• Standard “off the shelf” tester

  Bar to Bar Resistance
• .001 to 100 O – auto ranged
• Temperature Compensated (ambient)
• Min/Max limits for start & finish coils
• Differential limits for imbalance (tension or wire)
• Delta limits for setup errors (tension, pattern, etc.)

  End to End (180ฐ) Resistance
• .001 to 1K O – auto ranged
• Temperature Compensated (ambient)

  Weld Resistance        
•  Resolution to 100 micro-ohms
•  Actual Measurement – Not a Resistance Differential
•  Measures Every Weld (Tang Resistance) Formerly Patented

•  Parallel Bar to Bar Method –
•  Formerly Patented
•  Highest Sensitivity to chips and cross coil faults
•  No Set-up, Masters or Learning required
Test Fixture Incorporating Kelvin Spring Probe Contacts Actuated by Cam Mechanism
Inline Test Heads Available with Spring Probe or Blade Contacts 
Test Fixture Incorporating Blade
Contacts with Kelvin Connection